New Testament Indian Gospel Church

NTIGC History

Every ministry of God starts with a vision and the New Testament Indian Gospel Church was inspired by our elders Roy Tate and the late Paul A. Begay.
Pastor Roy Tate was the founding pastor in a small hogan church.
The members outgrew the small hogan church and so they committed themselves to building a larger facility. The late Paul and Ann Begay rallied for contributions from the congregation and many answered to the call by selling their livestock. In the spring of 1988 the congregation broke ground for the chapel and fellowship hall.

That same year in 1988 the church built a temporary arbor shade in which services were held for a couple years while the foundation of the larger church was being worked on. Winters were harsh with the heavy snow accumilations and fridget cold weather. Regardless services were held in the arbor shade that were covered with plastic liners to keep the wind out. Two wood stowes had to provide barely enough heat for all to stay warm. 1989 was the year that our members built the foundation.

In the summer of 1990, Brother Hans Bennings of the Osborn Neighborhood Church brought a work team to help build the walls of the church. Relationship was also estalished with Chuck and Carla Pereau the founders of Foundation For His Ministry in San Viente, Mexico. They had come with the team from Osborne. The relationship that was built paved the way for the church to do mission work for a period of 9 years at the orphanage. Navajo teams worked alongside the Mexican native tribes.
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