New Testament Indian Gospel Church

About Us

We are a Navajo ministry to Navajos. In 2012 we have been in the ministry for 25 years among our people. We are commited to be a Christ centered ministry working with all Bible believing churches. Simply stated we are an inter-denominational, independent Bible believing Church. Our financial support comes mostly from our faithful and loyal givers.
We are dependent on our board of elders for their decision making that are vital to the operation of our church.
New Testament is not new to mission programs. The church sent out a group of teams to Baja Mexico from 1991 to 2000, to help with construction projects at the Foundation for His Ministry. Foundation for His Ministry is a program that provides assistance to the orphans at the orphanage.
We are grateful for the wonderful experience and many friends we made there. During our trips there, we recognized many similarities with the natives of Mexico and our own Navajo culture. There are the economic situations, moral issues and the spiritual needs.
In 2000, we found it needful to start serving our community with the grace of God. So now we host temporary mission groups as an outreach ministry to our surrounding communities that our church serves. If your church or family is interested in a short term mission, please feel free to contact us.
Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Navajo people and to improve our community.

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